Detox From Suboxone Addiction

Suboxone Addiction Detox


Suboxone Addiction Detoxification

It is true that a few patients can detox off of Suboxone cold-turkey at home, but it can be very difficult for most patients. Even if patients are able to wean off of Suboxone over an extended period of time, they usually still have considerable withdrawal symptoms after the Suboxone is gone. We sometimes refer to this as Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome (PAWS) and for Suboxone it can sometimes last for up to six months. The Haven Detox can detoxify patients off even large doses of Suboxone over a five to eight day period.

What to Expect

Suboxone Detox & Chronic Pain

At The Haven Detox, we have significant experience working with people who have pain but want to come off opiates. Research shows that long-term opiate use may in fact increase pain. Many clients find their pain actually goes down after detox. We understand that some people have severe pain issues and we do not minimize that reality. Instead, we focus on developing a plan that may include non-addictive medications proven to be very effective in the management of pain.

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