Heroin Detox Program

Heroin Detox


About Our Heroin Detox Program 

Heroin is one of the most addictive drugs people misuse and abuse. The Haven Detox in West Palm Beach, Florida helps thousands of heroin drug victims get back the life they lost because of the heroin drug. We provide inpatient heroin detox that helps many addicts cope with the stressful cravings and situations of heroin addiction.

Heroin & Opiate Detox

Heroin & Opiate Detox 

If you’re contemplating detox from opiates, it is highly recommended that you do so under medical supervision. Our detox program at The Haven Detox is designed to help you safely avoid as many of the withdrawal symptoms as possible.

We focus on your needs, symptoms of withdrawal, and setting you on a right path of recovery. Your comfort levels and ultimate success in long-term recovery are our main priorities when you come and visit us.

Medically Safe

Medically Safe Heroin Detox 

Our program is considered a medical detoxification program as we will prescribe non narcotic, non addictive medications to help you remain comfortable and stable. If you have been using opiates for an extended period of time, only medical supervision will provide you the highest level of comfort and safety. This is generally done by tapering clients off their current drug of choice, gradually decreasing the doses. Substitute medications may also be administered, it all depends on the individual case. We only administer the safest protocols for your program.

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