Detox From Flakka

Flakka Detox

What to Expect

Flakka Detox: What To Expect 

Because Flakka works directly with the brain and nervous system, recovery often works in a two-tier approach: treatment for the addiction and alleviating the lasting effects as much as possible. Flakka’s physical ramifications during detoxification complicate recovery because most rehab centers do not offer medical support for health issues outside of addiction. Medical detoxification programs such as those offered by The Haven Detox may be ideal. Medical monitoring and treatment for the lasting physical ailments caused by Flakka use are available at The Haven Detox.


Treating Flakka Addiction 

People who are addicted to Cocaine feel cravings for months, even years after quitting. Detox from cocaine is a process which requires committing to a detoxification program which will help promote long-term sobriety. Our clients at The Haven Detox receive 24/7 care and we are committed to providing a safe and comfortable setting for them to detox in. Cocaine detox symptoms are typically psychological and behavioral so it is important to take this into consideration when detoxing.

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