Partnering With Our Clients For Life-Long Recovery

Why The Recovery Team?

We take a big picture approach to addiction recovery treatment — addressing the individual as a whole and looking at how lifestyle, environmental, health, and co-occurring mental health disorders may play a part in the substance abuse, alcohol, or other disorders. We prepare the client for recovery using research-based addiction therapy, individualized treatment plans, and aftercare planning. Our addiction treatment center doesn’t just focus on the problem; we strengthen the individual and focus on the future.

The Recovery Team Key Features

  • Dual Diagnosis Approach
  • Research-based Therapy
  • 12-Step Based
  • Experienced Staff
  • JHACO Accredited Facility
  • Wellness Focused
  • Established 20+ Years Ago
  • Personalized Care

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JHACO Accredited Treatment

The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO), or simply The Joint Commission, is a non-profit, independent organization that awards certain drug rehabilitation and behavioral therapy centers and programs with an accreditation for upholding exceptional standards of practice. The organization evaluates a variety of healthcare facilities across the United States, evaluating each facility on a number of strict criteria. A JCAHO accreditation, The Joint Commission Gold Seal of Approval, is earned only after a healthcare facility has met or exceeded a set of strict standards outlined by the Commission. Achieving such a merit is an indication of a dedicated and quality healthcare facility.

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